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“A truly memorable tour of the Spring Classics. Monty and his team thought of everything and we didn’t miss anything.”

Matt Tilley, Radio Presenter 2018

Another magnificent holiday with Montcyclingtours, my third”

Andrew Hayne, Director, Marshall White Real Estate 2017

“Thank you Monty and your team for a superb Tour de France Trip. Our group loved every minute of it”

Tim Carmichael, Financial Planner, 2017

“I would like to thank you Monty and your team for my second magnificent French cycling tour from the beautiful surrounds of Provence and the early morning countryside and the aromas of the coffee and boulangerie/patisseries, to the stunning lavender fields and the beautiful food and wine that you arranged, to my second conquest of Mont Ventoux, to the breathtaking French Alps and the climbs up the iconic L’Alpe-d’Huez and Col du Guiltier, to the picturesque villages we rode through and stayed in, to the tour stages we experienced and then to the beautiful Lake Annecy, to the first class train trip to Paris to watch the finish of the Tour and the amazing farewell dinner – as the French would say “it was a great marriage” of another spectacular Mont Cycle Tour.”

Phillip French, Phillip French, Director, Sotheby’s International Realty 2015

“Well done Monty – a fabulous experience that I’ll never forget” France 2015

John Bongiorno, Director, Auctioneer Marshall White Real Estate

“No complaints nor suggestions from me, had a great time” France 2015

Andrew MaCann, Managing Director Jellis Craig Armadale

“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience that I will treasure , until i save enough to come with you again” France 2015

Caitlin Chancelor

“Great food and company. Special thanks to Monty and Aussie Dave.” Noosa 2015

Simon Nelson, Director Romanis Cant, Chartered Accountants

“Another brilliant weekend – great riding, food, wine and blokes. Looking forward to next year” Noosa 2015

James Graham, Marketing Consultant

“Great weekend Mont, and really good to spend time with everyone involved” Noosa 2015

James Taylor, Managing Director Choice Capital

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and John for the most amazing experience with Mont Cycling Tours in France. I have only been riding for just over a year and came to France a little unprepared after a very busy work schedule, so I was a little apprehensive about riding up mountains such as Mont Ventoux! However with the support and encouragement of John and yourself I was able to accomplish some of the most challenging mountains in France. The scenery was simply breathtaking and as you know I stopped many times to photograph the spectacular views, picturesque villages and of course the amazing cars. From riding in Provence to the Cote d’Azur, and the Pyrenees, the trip gave me a great insight into the life and culture of these stunning regions of France. The food and wine aspect of the trip was incredible and the restaurants that you chose were first class. This is one of the most amazing life experiences that I have ever had, and I would highly recommend you to anybody looking to ride in France.”

Phillip French, Phillip French, Director, Sotheby’s International Realty

“Thank you Monty,Mick and I had an absolutely fantastic time and have memories that will last for a lifetime. I couldn’t think of a nicer or better group of people to share our engagement with. And remember ,riding up hills is like child birth …… it hurts like hell on the way up …. but once you get there…. you just want to do it all again!!!!!!!”

Bronwyn Di Cecco, 2013

“I’m back in Melbourne and just wanted to say thank you for a totally AWESOME trip ,I had a fabulous time. It really tested me and I found the whole experience very rewarding. Thanks for your support and encouragement (and firm hand when necessary). We had a great bunch of people. I wish I could do that riding all the time!”

Jenifer Trewhella, 2013 Barrister

“Thanks for one of the best holidays I have ever had, what an unbelievable way to see France. Your tour was exactly as described, Riding / Scenery / Food / Wine & the Tour”.

Andrew Ames, 2013 Financial Planner CBA

“Thank you Monty for a wonderful Tour De France experience ! The rides, hotels, restaurants and locations were superb and your encouragement and support was extremely helpful. Thanks again.”

Jennifer Trewhella, Lawyer. 2012

“Monty is an amazing man, forget the rest go with the best. Book your tour 2013 100th anniversary TDF cycling adventure with him.”

Sam Watson, Director, Wireless communications. 2012

“Thank you for a fantastic tour, it was above my expectations. You were well organised but managed to combine this with a relaxed good humored manner which set the tone for the trip.The accommodation was good and your choice of restaurants was first class. The riding was every bit as tough as I expected and at the top of the Aubisque, my legs had certainly had enough. The fact that I found the climbs hard makes it even more rewarding and memorable when I finally got to the top. For me, you got the riding just about right. Thanks again.”

Charlie Baldry, Farmer, Cootamundra. 2012

“It was a pleasure riding with such a great group in France, an unforgettable experience. Thanks Monty for a sensational two weeks”

Kim Fairhall, Marketing Manager, Qenos Aust. 2012

“The trip of a lifetime! Two weeks in France, following Le Tour, with Mont Cycling = Fantastic Holiday! Peter Montgomery, ‘Monty’, is an organised, helpful, entertaining, and gracious host. The destinations – Annecy, The Alps, Provence, The Pyrenees and Paris – are superb. The riding is hard and well planned. The food is incredible. The wine is better. The company was fantastic. And, all with a minimum of organisation on my part. Book a flight, do some training, pack your bike, and let Monty do the rest. You won’t regret it. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Peter Effeney, Doctor 2012

“I just wanted to say thank you once again for a great trip that was filled with unforgettable experiences! I must admit I was hesitant traveling alone on a tour like this for a few weeks but after day one I was at ease, largely thanks to your great hospitality (the great group of people helped too!)

James Torrington, Computer programer

“The only thing I regret is that I had not done this trip with Monty earlier, highly recommended. Monty is a great host which for me was the most important ingredient”

John Mieog, Melbourne Water. 2011

“I had only been riding for a year before I signed up with Monty to ride around France. I wasn’t sure how I would go up the mountains but much to Monty’s credit, his encouragement, support and enthusiasm put me at ease. I had such a good time that I am going again with Monty in 2012”

Tom Sullivan, Gen Mills. 2011

“Hi Monty.I just wanted to write and thank you for putting on such an amazing trip. Going into this, it was all about the physical challenge for me but it became clear after day 1 that this trip was so much more than just the cycling. Amazing weather, beautiful scenery wherever we went, fantastic people, culture, architecture, food and wine all combined with arguably the best cycling in the world, there is not a whole lot more to say! After seeing the tour a couple of times I was also very happy with our itinerary and the fact that this trip was about our bike riding adventure and not chasing the tour endlessly. A truly fantastic experience and one that I will return for again in a couple of years – maybe as my 40th present! Thanks again Monty.”

Ben Griffiths, Business Development Manager, Henley Homes. 2010

“The trip exceeded my expectations, the riding was amazing and so were the restaurants that Monty took us to. I’m not sure how any future holiday could surpass this trip. Thanks Monty”

James Taylor, Director Choice Financial Advisors. 2010

“I’m not sure what flight I went on, not sure where we stayed, not sure what mountains we rode up…..but geeze I had a ripper time!”

Nick Caple, Director Choice Capital. 2010

“I was lucky enough to take part in Mont Cycling Tours’ trip to the Tour de France in July 2010. From the outset we knew we were in for something special – Peter and his team did a great job of meticulously planning the ride through four of the most amazing regions France has to offer. Whilst I was there for the riding (which provided a great challenge every day) some of the other aspects to the trip were managed brilliantly like the centrally located hotels in beautiful small towns, to the carefully selected restaurants after a hard day’s ride and to the brilliantly handled logistics to move us comfortably across the large country of France. The trip was one of a lifetime and I couldn’t recommend it highly to anyone who wants to go to the ‘Mecca’ of cycling and put themselves in the thick of the world’s most famous mountains and have a crack! It was an amazing experience and lived up to every (high) expectation that we had. Monty is the consummate host providing the ultimate cycling experience. What a ride!”

Anton Pound, Stockland National Development Manager – Retirement Living. 2010

“The Mont Cycling Tours trip to France in 2010 was an amazing experience. Jaw dropping scenery, fantastic food, challenging cycling and fantastic organisation were all part of a great event. Thanks Monty, an experience I couldn’t possibly forget!”

Brad Paddon, State Development Manager Vic, Stockland. 2010

“There aren’t many times in your life that you get the opportunity to really live one of your dreams. From the anticipation when you first see the majestic mountains that you are about to climb, to the moment that you hear the helicopters and see the pro riders pass within feet of you on some of those same roads – it’s very hard to find words that do the experience justice. The itinerary gave us flexibility to enjoy each town without feeling rushed, the riding guides knew their way around and managed each person’s abilities and expectations very well. Whether it was riding through quaint country villages, or absorbing all of the delightful sights, tastes and smells of the French countryside, Monty and the team nailed this trip. I have no hesitation in recommending Mont Cycling Tours to any rider who is ready for an amazing once in a lifetime experience. Thanks Monty – without question, one of the most memorable holidays I’ll ever have.”

Phil Hanna, Senior Development Manager -Villawood Properties. 2010

“Mont Cycling Tours not only enabled me to experience some of the most challenging and breathtakingly beautiful rides one travelling to France could hope for, but gave me the constant support and guidance to enable a recreational rider like myself to thoroughly enjoy it! Get On Ya Bike and Call Monty – He’s a Beauty!”

John Kelly, Senior Consultant Enjine – Engineering & Training. 2010

“Monty was a terrific host, informative, entertaining and organized. Loved my time in France and one of the highlights, amongst others, was catching up with my son, Matthew”

Barbara Loyd, mother of professional cyclist, Matthew Loyd. 2009

“I had to go back and visit France again with Monty, it was that good !”

Andrew Gooding, Senior Financial Planner, Choice Capital. 2009

“Another spectacular tour Monty. It keeps getting better.”

John Gibson, Director, Massi Property Solutions. 2009